High, sustained protein therapeutics with a single shot.

How it works

One successful strategy for leveraging the immune system to treat cancer and other diseases is the use of bi- or tri-specific engagers or linkers that join a cancer cell via antibody-like binding to an immune executioner cell such as a T or NK cell, triggering the destruction of the cancer cell. Although a breakthrough, such bi-specific drugs have drawbacks. As protein therapeutics, they are complicated to manufacture. Their small size causes rapid clearance, resulting in a short half-life, typically around 2 hours. Thus, administration of the drug requires a continuous infusion, lasting 6-9 months on most protocols.

TransJoin technology solves these problems, attaining high and sustained circulating levels following a single infusion. Combining TransJoin technology withTransSkip technology, we can control expression to be turned on or off when needed. Furthermore, the technology enables a wide variety of molecules to be expressed, joining virtually any type of cancer cell with T or NK cells.

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